Friday, February 15, 2013

A desire line is a term used by town planners to mean the best route to get from a point of origin to a point of destination. These planners do not build paths first but allow people to walk across parks and open spaces over a duration of time. Then after a pathway is well worn they lay down cobblestone and concrete and erect lamp posts to show the way.

This concept is very similar to that of community development. We work with communities in planning and walking with them to identify where they want to go and where we should lay the best paths with them. We co-create with community a desire line for change if you will. Unfortunately our work is far harder than that of town planners, it is more conceptual and more dynamic.

Here at Desire Lines for Change we can provide you and your organisation with the processes and tools to help you co-create your own desire lines for change. Please watch the video below, click on the tabs above or contact us for further information on how we may assist you.

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